Fisher Barber Shop - Mens Haircuts, Shaves, & More

Mens Haircuts in Fisher, CA

The Speakeasy Hair Lounge is a barber shop located near Fisher California. We offer a variety of mens haircuts, skin fades, razor fades, medium fades, drop fades,  tapers, lineups and more. Our barbers can help with a new hair style, something you saw, or the perfect classic cut. Our Fisher barber shop is conveniently located near Humboldt State University and our prices are affordably reasonable (considering the extra effort our barbers devote); furthermore, our commitment to keeping our customers is unlike other barber shops. Our customers truly love us and we are proud to have the reputation we do in Fisher.

Mens Beard Trim & Shave in Fisher

Fisher if you are looking for a clean mountain beard, straight shave, or everything inbeetween we've got you covered. The Speakeasy Hair Lounge specializes in beard cuts and undercuts. Fisher we take our beard care to another level; on the other hand, we offer hot towel shaves, straight razor shaves, and razor shades if your looking for a cleaner look. Our barbers would enjoy to clean you up, get in touch with us to schedule an appointment and we'll see you at The Speakeasy Hair Lounge.